Bike Repairs

OPEN FOR REPAIRS! We are a full-service bike shop and work on all types of bicycles. Light tune-ups start at $48. We have many parts in stock.

eBikes for Sale

For 4 years now, we've specialized in selling electric bikes. We carry quality ebike brands by Gazelle, Magnum, Aventon, Bulls, Raleigh and E-Lux.

Electric Conversions

eBoom can convert your trike, bike or recumbent into electric with a Bafang kit. Call for details.

Ride Indoors!

Bring your bike inside on the long winter days. The stationary bike trainer is easy to set up and fun to use. Ride while watching your favorite TV program or use a virtual reality route on-screen. We can help you set up your bike for no additional charge. Trainer Only $230.

eBoom Electric Bike Shop

What is an electric bike? Electric bikes are the future of bike riding. They combine technology, computers and traditional bicycles into an incredibly fun way to exercise and spend more time outdoors. And, these bikes are for everyone no matter age, riding experience or size. There is an electric bike waiting just for you.

We are the first, non-franchise, all electric bike shop in Indiana. Electric bikes are our passion. You can see it in our name, eBoom (short for Electric Baby Boomers). You can also see it the moment you walk into our bike shop and talk to us.

So how do you get started in finding the perfect electric bike? We like to start by matching your riding experience with your riding style. Then we let you test ride them until you have found "the perfect one".

Please stop by our electric bike shop for a free test ride. We're now located on a big bike trail and also have plenty of country roads to ride on. And, we now offer electric bike rentals, so you can enjoy an extended test ride on our trails and roads.

eBoom Electric Bike shop sign

Check Us Out!

Try one of our electric bikes today. To ensure best service, please schedule a test ride online or call to make an appointment.