Just Visiting in the Shop!

Stromer e-bikes
Stromer e-bikes: Go up to 28 mph, Formula 1 shifting,
battery range up to 110 miles! View the ST2 S, or the ST1 X.

The Rooks are Here!

We have 2 and they ride so well. Only $1,899.
They'll go fast. Come in and test ride one today.

Service Center

bike repair list
We service all bicycles. View our
real price list...

Back to School Sale!

yunbike sale
Great bikes for riding on campus, in
the city, to school, etc. Only $799.
Sale ends Aug. 28.

Did You Know?

We have nice routes behind the store where you can test ride our bikes.


We are now a dealer for Bulls Electric Bikes. We’ll be getting in new bikes soon.