From Our Customers…

“Great place, check it out! If you are at all curious about e-bikes, e-Boom is the place to go! Living in Bloomington, I had limitations biking due to huge hills and some knee and stamina issues. After months of research I found e-Boom in Zionsville and decided to pay them a visit. I ended up spending the good portion of a day talking with Lee Ann and Adam and learning all about the bikes. I was able to take several bikes out for a test ride and fell in love with the Magnum Ui6.

I did more research on the company and found nothing but amazing reviews. I returned to the shop a few months later and was again met with amazing customer service as Lee Ann and Adam helped me find the perfect bike for my situation and customize it just for me! I purchased the Magnum Metro model a week ago and have over 200 miles on it already. I can conquer the hills of Bloomington with ease and still get a great workout. I LOVE my new bike!! I highly recommend a test ride at e-Boom Electric Bikes!”

Lisa K testimonial – Lisa K.


“Knowledgeable and helpful staff! The owner went out with me as I test road several bikes and answered all my questions. Service is top notch! Can’t wait to have one of my own. They are awesome bikes!”

L Limko – L. Limko


“A very nice place to have repairs done for bicycles and/or buy an ebike.”

Daryll H – Daryll H.


“I had the best experience with e-Boom Electric Bikes. The owner was very knowledgeable and explained everything to me about electric bikes. I was able to test drive the bikes and had a ball!!! They set up the bike for me and I was able to take it home that day. I highly recommend e-Boom!!!”

Michael L Testimonial – Michael L.


“Great inventory of electric bikes. Very helpful and very knowledgeable about all the bikes and service.”

Cynny S Testimonial – Cynny S.


“Exemplary service. If you need anything bike related, this is the place to go.”

Keegan P Testimonial – Keegan P.

“Amazingly nice owners just bent over backwards to help me out when I needed a certain tool I didn’t have. Awesome clothes (Troy Lee Designs!!) and cool electric bikes. Check the place out even if you don’t think electric bikes aren’t your thing!!!”

Terry M Testimonial

– Terry M. (and he became a part time mechanic for us)


“Have you tried an electric bike? Any level of cyclist would love the extra boost and control they offer! And, definitely go to a shop like this where everyone is a knowledgeable avid cyclist. They know their stuff and are eager to please! I’m actually going to order one shipped to my Florida res! 70 years old and so excited about having an E-Boom Bike!!”

Helen L Testimonial – Helen L.


“The staff was very helpful and took all the time needed to help us make a decision on the best bike for us. No pressure but spent the time to go on a real test ride on different bikes. Riding for my wife has not been possible for ten years due to a medical condition. She is now riding 30 to 40 miles at 14 to 16 mph with our group. The whole staff is pleasant and eager to respond to our needs and answer our questions as we continue to learn about our new bike.”

Sandy and Chuck B Testimonial

– Chuck and Sandy B. (our first ever customers!)


“Went for a test ride before they opened. The staff was excited, friendly and knowledgeable. If you’ve never been on an electric bike, you should check it out! I had a blast.”

Hailey R Testimonial – Hailey R.


“Purchased a Magnum Metro, ready to go.”

Mark H Testimonial – Mark H.


“I love the bike that I got a couple of months back!! Love, love, love it. And get lots of questions about it. I’ve told them all how great your shop is and to look you up.”

Christy S Testimonial – Christy S.


“In the midst of waiting for our food one night my son and I went for a walk. He asked to go into e-Boom. The staff was nothing short of amazing with him. They let him ride around the shop and fall in love with the idea of a bike. He requested one for his birthday. Within four weeks of balancing on his new ride he was already ready for pedals. This past week we got our pedals put on and within 3 minutes he was already riding like a pro. We have had an incredible experience & have appreciated their wonderful customer service. Thank you for this amazing business you have brought to our community!”

Megan B Testimonial Megan B.


“Outstanding customer service!!! Even though I didn’t purchase my ebike from e-Boom, Lee Ann and Adam went out of their way to help me get the parts I needed for my bike! I can only assume that if purchased a bike from them, I would get the same great service or better.”

Rick S Testimonial – Rick S.