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Trying to decide what type of electric bike battery you need to help propel your bike can be a bit daunting. e-Boom Electric Bikes sells electric bikes and electric bike conversion kits that use lithium ion batteries. They’re cheaper, lighter and have a longer life span than e-bike batteries have had in the past. We carry both frame mount and rear rack mounted batteries. The cells are made by top manufacturers, including Bosch, Panasonic, Samsung and Yamaha, and use a robust BMS circuit for overcharge, over-discharge and over current protection.

1. How far is your average ride or commute?
It’s best if you calculate about how many miles you think you might ride your e-bike in a day on a leisure ride or if you’re commuting. Let’s say you want to ride about 20 miles. Multiple 20 miles x 10 watt hours per mile (riding at an average speed on an e-bike, you’ll consume about 10 wh/mile). So, you’ll need about 200 watt hours from your battery. But, that’s just enough battery power and doesn’t give you anything left over.

Keep in mind that it’s best to buy a battery that has more capacity then what you may calculate. It’s better to have plenty, then not have enough. This will allow you to go on longer trips when you want and will leave you with enough capacity for many years as it diminishes each year. For typical use, your battery capacity will drop about 1 amp hour each year.

2. Decide on volts and amp hours needed.
Voltage is a measure of the electrical force available to push electricity through a circuit. A higher battery voltage means a faster top motor speed. Amp hours are like a car’s gas tank. The larger the amp hour rating, the further you can ride on a battery’s single charge.

So, you’ll ride about 18 mph to 20 mph using a 36v battery and 24 mph to 30 mph on a 48v battery. The 48v battery is more powerful, but will use up the battery power much faster than the 36v.

If you want 40 miles out of your ride, then a 36v 13ah battery should work, using approximately 468 watt hours.

Most of our pre-built electric bikes come with 36v and 48v batteries and have 10ah, 13ah, 15.6ah, 17ah and 20ah batteries available. Our conversion kits also come in similar capacities. We’ll be more than happy to help you select the electric bike or conversion kit that has the best battery capacity for your needs.

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