Scooter Trike L Electric Tricycle

Scooter Trike L Electric Tricycle by PFIFF

PFIFF Scooter Trike L Tricycle


Frame/Fork: Heavy duty tig welded steel frame and fork with anti-corrosive power coating paint

Wheels/Tires: Schwalbe reflective smooth tread tires, double wall aluminum rims, 16 inch in the front, 20 inch in the rear

Drivetrain: Internal 5-speed with reverse drive technology and an electric Asmann motor

Brakes/Cockpit: Coaster brake, alloy V-Brake, parking brake, full comfortable seat (not just a saddle) and grips

Extras: Rear rack and basket, adjustable seat height, adjustable stem, rear suspension

Battery/Motor Kit: Fullstand battery with Asmann 250 watt motor (made in Germany)

Lay back and enjoy the ride. Comfortable driving and a cool and stylish look – the Scooter Trike. The Scooter Trike embodies a vehicle concept that is both safe and comfortable and that people intuitively find easy to handle. The comfortable broad-surfaced saddle (completely adjustable in height and angle) allows a relaxed sitting position from which it is easy to keep a close watch on the traffic situation. To stop, all you have to do is take one foot from the pedal and set it on the ground from a seated position. All PFIFF bicycles and tricycles are designed and made in Germany.

Price: $4,269.00

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