Green Guru Recycled Bags

green guru pannier bags

e-Boom Electric Bike store now sales Green Guru recycled bicycle bags. These are bike bags truly made from recycled bicycle tubes. Instead of throwing these into our landfills, Green Guru takes them and makes them into cool gear.

The word “upcycle” is it’s called at Green Guru begins with products obtained mostly from recycling stations. Local bike stores (like e-Boom Electric Bikes) offer incentives for customers donating used gear before they purchase new products from our store. We then donate our bike tubes to help build Green Guru gear.

Recycled and Made in Colorado

The donated tubes then to to the Green Guru warehouse in Boulder, CO where they’re processed and sorted. They travel less than a few miles to their manufacturer in Colorado. By making Green Guru close to their home, they support the local economy while protecting the environment.

Green Guru aims at affecting real change through greener practices. By making use of old bike inner tubes, websuits and climbing rope, Green Guru closes the loop in traditional product life cycle and lets outdoor products live a new life.

Look for our new line of bags in the store in May 2018. If you would like to pre-order a bag, please contact us and we’ll have it ready for you the first week of May.

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