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Royal Dutch Gazelle employs around 350 employees at its factory in Dieren producing more than 275,000 bicycles a year. Gazelle is a market leader in the Netherlands and also works hard at growing the organization outside the country. In 1996, the Gazelle quality system was certified in accordance with ISO-9001 norms. Gazelle is the only Dutch bicycle manufacturer with this certification.

Gazelle is proud of their Royal title which was awarded to them by Princess Margriet on the occasion of their centenary celebrations in 1992. An honor which further serves to cement their moral duty to continue to innovate and remain at the forefront with smart inventions to make cycling more enjoyable and easier.

Gazelle believes: the better your bike is, the more often you will cycle! Since 1892 Gazelle has been doing everything in their power to make the finest quality bikes that provide the smoothest and most comfortable ride possible. This is how Gazelle helps you enjoy your ride!

Gazelle Easy Flow

Easy Flow

GazelleNL C8 HMB

GazelleNL C8 HMB

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