Easy Flow

Gazelle Easy Flow
We were so excited when this new electric bike arrived in our shop. Why? Several very cool features. This bike has the Shimano Steps, which is a highly-rated mid-drive system that we have been waiting to try. It was worth the wait as the motor is light weight, yet strong enough to help you fly up hills and get around quickly. And, the battery range is between 40 and 100 miles, depending upon how much assist you use when you ride.

The Easy Flow also has an internal hub shifter that works together with the motor drive, giving you the ability to ride in different levels that the bike actually helps you select through the balance of the motor assist and the gears. (If that's clear as mud, then you should come and ride it to see what I mean.)

The Magura hydraulic brakes help you stop with ease without having a quick, jerky stop that you can sometimes get on regular rim brakes. The deep-step through frame makes it so easy to get on and off. Oh, and there is the quick adjust handle bar so you can get your bike in the perfect comfortable riding mode every time. I'm telling you, this bike rides like you're floating on clouds. It's so quiet and smooth, you can't believe you're really riding a bike.

I think this is one of my favorite electric bikes in our store right now, though, it was just pointed out to me that I do say that about most of them when they arrive.


In Store Models: Yes
Price: $2,999
Shipping: In-store purchase and pick-up only


Electronic Details:

MOTOR: Shimano Steps mid-drive 504ah
BATTERY: 500w, 13.8ah Shimano lithium-ion battery
BRAKES: Magura hyraulic rim brakes
ASSISTANCE: 4 levels: eco, tour sport and turbo
RANGE: About 100 miles (depends upon weight of rider, terrain, conditions, etc.)
100 miles in Eco mode
55 miles in tour mode
43 miles in sport mode
40 miles in turbo mode

Bicycle Details

GEARS: Internal hub shifter with 8 gears
Handlebars: Quick release
RIMS: Ride X-plorer 26"
SEAT: Selle Royale Loire
WEIGHT: 47 pounds
WARRANTY: 2-year warranty covering normal use and maintenance