eRad mid-drive conversion kit

e-RAD mid-drive kits are the result of several years of effort to perfect a user-friendly, high-performance e-bike conversion kit. Unlike other systems, e-RAD drive systems can operate with both a throttle and/or pedal assist function (PAS). The throttle and PAS can be used independently giving the rider the choice on how best to use the motor’s power.

With 5 levels of PAS, the rider can choose the amount of assist that best fits the terrain and riding style. The throttle is active in all PAS modes and can be used for an extra amount of boost when needed.

e-RAD mid-drive conversion kit
Santana tandem converted using e-RAD system.

We recently converted a Santana tandem bicycle into an electric bike with the e-RAD mid-drive system, and it turned this bike into a super-sonic, fun-riding machine. Now our customers, a husband and wife, continue to ride their magnificent bike up and down the hills in Brown County and all over the world (they love to travel with their bike). Plus, the system has such a nice sleek design that we were able to keep the bike looking clean and not full of wires and clunky controls.

Motor sizes available:
350w, 750w, 1000w


  • Pedal assist? Yes
  • Throttle? Yes
  • For the 350w motor, up to 800+ watts peak power
  • For the 750w motor, up to 1200+ watts peak power
  • For the 1000w motor, up to 1400+ watts peak power
  • Integrated controller with 9 IRFB3077 MOSFETs
  • System Voltage – 48V
  • Controller includes a dedicated cable to connect the Gear Sensor ensuring smooth shifting
  • Waterproof Connectors throughout including battery cable
  • Throttle and Pedal Assist Modes
  • Throttle operation is available in all modes above 2mph (3km/h)
  • 5 Levels of Pedal Assist
  • Plug and Play
  • Large LCD screen with speed, battery, real time power (watts), ambient temperature, and Assist info
  • 1-year warranty on entire kit and components

Battery sizes available:
48v 11.6ah slim downtube lithium ion
48v 14ah slim downtube lithium ion
(ask about the 20ah availability)
*these batteries use Sanyo cells

eRad mid drive electric conversion kit

It’s best to call (317-340-4156) or come to our store to purchase this kit. All parts and components have to be customized to fit your bike.

Parts and Components:

Bottom bracket adapters
Cable Extensions
Chainrings and Adapters
Gear sensors
Harness/power cables
Programming cable

Prices range based upon components, parts and batteries purchased:
350w, $790 – $2,185
750w, $935 – $2,329
1000w, $1,139 – $2,346

Labor – $90 (any electric kit conversion size)

NOTE: We sell bikes that can be converted with these electric conversion kits. Please ask us about what types, sizes and colors we have in-stock.

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