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If you're looking for electric bike conversions, then you've come to the right shop. e-Boom Electric Bikes has been doing electric conversions for over a year now, including on tandems, bikes, recumbents, adult trikes and more. We specialize in customizing your ride to fit your style.

There are many reasons you might want to purchase an electric bike conversion kit instead of just buying a pre-built electric bike.

- You LOVE your current bicycle and would just like to get more out of it

- Spend less money converting a recumbent or adult trike, instead of purchasing a pre-built one

- Really like a specific type of electric bike set-up and can only find it in a conversion kit

- Like the ability to go back to the original bike set-up and remove the electric kit

Of course, we could go on with a plethora of reasons, but we won't. You get it.

e-Boom specializes in performing electric bike conversions on all types of bikes, trikes, recumbents, etc., and offer three different kit manufacturers. Of course, as we discover more that we like, we will add those to our inventory as well.

How to Select a Conversion Kit

It’s best not to add speed and power via an electric conversion kit onto a bicycle that is in poor condition, is 10 years or older, or is poorly manufactured. They can be converted, but to make them safe to ride, it may cost more then it would to purchase a pre-built e-bike.

Here are some considerations in shopping for a conversion kit:

  • How are you going to use the bike (commuting, leisure riding, exercise)?
  • Do you want fast top speed and better hill climbing?
  • Do you want the motor to help slow down the bike?
  • How far do you want to ride on a single charge?
  • How do you want the weight distributed on the bike?

Read what is a mid-drive and hub motor.

Our Conversion Kits

Mid-Drive Motor Kits:

Electric Bike Outfitters
Mid drive kits for...
- mountain bikes
- cargo bikes
- commuters
- cruisers
- recumbents and trikes

Uses down tube batteries

(price is $1,590, not including installation)

Call for details. (317) 340-4156.


Hub Motor Kits

Electric Conversion Kits for Bikes
Motor sizes available:
500 watt (comes in front/rear wheel hubs, geared, and various wheels sizes)Battery sizes available:
48v 9ah lithium ion (battery bag)
48v 10ah lithium ion (battery case with rack)
48v 20ah lithium ion (battery bag)
electricbike kit for bikes
Electric Conversion Kits for Trikes
Motor sizes available:
500 watt (comes in front wheel hub, direct drive, various wheels sizes)Battery sizes available:
36v 9ah lithium ion (battery bag)
36v 10ah lithium ion (battery case with plate)
36v 20ah lithium ion (battery bag)
trike front hub conversion