– A fun reason to get off the couch

– The ability to pedal as far as you want

– Your secret weapon in climbing hills

– Better health from biking more often

– A greener planet

We’re often asked “what are electric bikes” by people wandering into our store. It’s fun to explain and then to show them what these e-bikes can do. An electric bicycle is first a regular bike as you know it. They have gears, brakes, regular bicycle components, but then you add the electric power pack. Now, the fun really begins.

Electric bikes have a motor that help make it easier to pedal the bike. Then there is a battery that powers the motor and a controller that acts similar to a computer’s motherboard, telling the electric system what to do. There is typically an LED computer screen that is mounted on the handlebars. This is where you tell the e-bike what you want it to do. Some electric bikes also include a throttle that when you push on it, the bike will propel on its own without your leg assistance. There are several variations on how these electric bikes are configured, including just pedal assist, no throttle and vice versa. You just have to pay attention to the details provided by the bike manufacturer.

ebike diagram

Is It Cheating?

Well, no and yes. It depends upon how you ride it. If you’re using the pedal assist, then you still have to pedal. You can use 10% of the motor power or you can use 100% (when using a throttle). You may want to workout, so you use just your leg power and no electric assist, or you want to exercise and ride fast, so you use 25% motor assist and pedal hard. Then you may want to go for a casual, fun ride sightseeing and ride 50% pedal assist.

A couple of analogies:
– It’s like mowing your lawn with a push mower that is self propelled. You are still pushing the mower, but you get some assistance from the motor propulsion that makes it easier up and down hills and in cutting for a longer period of time. It’s also faster.

– When you’re in the airport, many will walk on the people movers to get to the other end of the terminal much faster. You still have to walk (and you can just stand there and ride if you wish).

Our Electric Bikes

The electric bikes that we sell at e-Boom Electric Bike store are pedal assist (PAS) and some have throttle assistance as well. You pedal the bike, and the small electric motor system assists you when you gear it in and out. It’s like having a power reserve in your legs that helps you keep up, ride longer and conquer the hills and roads.

Let us help find your new ride!

Woman riding an electric bike.

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