Premium Electric Bike Battery Care

electric bike battery indicator

If you're traveling often this winter season. Or, you just don't have time to take the proper care of your electric bike's expensive battery, then leave it to us.

eBoom Electric Bike Shop's staff are experts in taking premium care of your ebike batteries this winter. Depending upon the battery chemistry, we will charge it between 40% and 97%, and store it in a climate controlled environment inside our shop. And, if you have the type of battery that goes into a deep sleep, we'll test it periodically and shock it out of hybernation for you when you're ready to pick it up for the riding season.

Don't risk forgetting about your battery on your bike in the freezing cold garage this winter. You'll end up with either a dead battery this spring or one that doesn't have much power left.

Price for Battery Storage Service

If we do a tune-up on your electric bike this winter, then battery storage (and bike storage) is free! Otherwise, we charge $15 per month to store and care for your battery. View our winter tune-up specials.

electric bike battery ports
Electric bike battery and ports.

Winter is a good time for you to bring your electric bike into our shop for some maintenance and TLC. We can check it over, tighten loose cable and brake wires, check derailleurs and troubleshoot any squeaks, creeks or other mysterious noises. It’s also a good opportunity for us to remove the battery and add dialectric grease around the ports to help repel moisture and protect electrical connections against corrosion.

How to Care for Your Battery at Home

If you’re not using your electric bike battery, then don’t leave it fully charged at 100 percent or fully discharged at 0 percent. It’s best to keep it around 40 to 90 percent charged during winter storage. Remove the battery from your bike and keep it in a clean, warm area at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit or more. You also don’t want to store the electric bike battery in a hot or moist room like a bathroom with a shower, because that could damage the cells long term. Store it in an area where it can’t be accidentally hit or knocked onto the floor and nothing can be placed or thrown on top of it. The best electric bike battery care is to treat it like gold.

No Appointment Necessary

Bring your bike and/or battery to the shop during our regular hours to get your tune-up and/or electric bike battery stored for you. Call (317) 350-4156 or email for more information.