The most important part in shopping for an e-bike is test riding. You really don’t know exactly how a bike is going to ride and feel until you take it for a spin in the real world. That’s why we invite you to test ride our electric bikes on various terrains to discover which bike you love the best and fits you comfortably.

We begin all of our electric bike test rides at our bike store. Just come in during regular business hours, or give us a heads-up and let us know when you’re coming (especially if you’re traveling from out of town), by emailing, contact form or by calling (317) 340-4156.

For safety, instructional training and to answer questions, a rep from e-Boom will always ride with you on a test ride.

Right now, we offer three types of test ride terrains:

1. The e-Boom Terrain: We start with a warm-up ride in the parking lot behind our store. Then we will continue to ride down a 2.5 mile bike path and through the Royal Run neighborhood to really stretch it out. It’s up to you on how much you want to ride.

2. Whitestown Big 4 Trail: About 3.5 miles down Main St. is the Whitestown Legacy Core. The Big 4 Trail (a biking, running, walking path) runs through this area. We will transport the e-bikes you want to test ride to the trail where we can ride 2.5 miles or more through a tree-canopied trail. Then we can also ride up and down a few country roads to see how the e-bikes perform. It’s up to you on how much you want to test ride.

3. Hilly Challenge: If you have time, and you’re really interested in how the e-bike will perform riding up and down big hills, we will take you on a 30-minute ride from our store to Hunt Club Road. There we can see how the e-bike really kicks in power to help you master the hills. Warning: you’ll need to ride on the shoulder of Whitestown Parkway for about a half mile with us to reach Hunt Club Road (or we can transport the e-bikes over there and meet you for the hilly challenge).

Helmets are required, and supplied, during all test rides as well as signing a liability waiver. A rep from e-Boom will also ride with you during your test ride.

We will test ride as many e-bikes as you want. We will also fit you to the right bike size for comfort.

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