We Repair ALL Bicycles

We offer full-service bike repairs on all types of bicycles. We also sell bike parts, tubes, tires, pedals, shifters, cables, housing, etc. and have experienced mechanics who work on electric bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers and any type of bicycle.

Bike repairs made at eBoom Bike shop
We repair and service all types of bicycles.

Services and Prices

Tune-Ups Price Details
Light Tune-Up $48 Inspect for loose & worn parts; Check tires ; Check hubs, headset, bottom bracket; Adjust brakes; Lube chain and cable wires
FULL TUNE-UP $68 The Light Tune-up, PLUS wheel align; adjust hubs, headset and bracket; adjust shifting; lube all suspension pivot points; clean chain and drivetrain; wheel truing
OVERHAUL $225 Full tune-up, PLUS cleaning of frame, fork, wheels; Full overhaul of hubs, bottom bracket, headset; Full drive train cleaning; Wax


Builds Price Details
BUILD BIKE FROM BOX $60 Standard for most new bike builds or rebuild bike after shipping
PRO BUILD $175 Complete build from the frame up, including frame chasing, chasing & facing


Derailleurs Price Details
DERAILLEUR ADJUSTMENT $12 Front or rear derailleur adjustment
STRAIGHTEN DER. HANGER $20 Remove derailleur from frame & straighten hanger, plus
DERAILLEUR INSTALL $20 Install derailleur
INSTALL DERAILLEUR HANGER $15 Remove & replace derailleur hanger


Tires Price Details
FLAT FIX $7 Install tube or tire
INSTALL TUBELESS TIRE $10 Install tubeless tire
INSTALL TUBULAR TIRE $12 Mounting tubular tire


Brakes Price Details
BRAKE ADJUSTMENT $12 Adjust V or road brake
DISC BRAKE ADJUSTMENT $20 Adjust disc brake
BLEED DISC BRAKE $25 Bleed disc brake, includes brake fluid
INSTALL DISC BRAKE $30 Install disc brake, including mounting rotor on wheels
REPLACE BRAKE PADS $15 Remove old pads and replace with new for V brake or road
BRAKE PADS W/ TUNE-UP $5 Replace brake pads with tune-up
REPLACE DISC PADS $20 Replace disc pads & re-set caliper to new pads
DISC PADS W/ TUNE-UP $10 Replace disc pads with tune-up
INSTALL STANDARD BRAKE $20 Installation & adjustment of V or road style brakes
STANDARD BRAKE W/ TUNE-UP $10 Install standard brake with tune-up


Chains & Cassettes Price Details
CHAIN INSTALL $10 Install chain & cut to proper length
CASSETTE INSTALL $10 Remove & install cassette
CHAIN RING INSTALL $20 Chain ring install


Cranks & Headsets Price Details
CRANK INSTALL $25 Install new crank & bottom bracket
HEADSET INSTALL $25 Install or replace headset
HEADSET ADJUSTMENT $10 Adjust headset tension
HEADSET OVERHAUL $25 Remove, clean, de-grease & regrease headset
REAM & FACE HEADSET $30 Ream out head tube to proper diameter and face top and bottom completely flat
BOTTOM BRACKET INSTALL $25 Install bottom bracket & crank
BOTTOM BRACKET ADJUSTMENT $15 Set bottom bracket to proper tension
BOTTOM BRACKET OVERHAUL $25 Remove, clean, de-grease & re-grease bottom bracket
FACE & CHASE BOTTOM BRACKET $30 Re-cut threads in bottom bracket & face left and right bottom bracket shell completely flat


Wheels Price Details
WHEEL TRUE WITH SPOKE $20 Remove tire & other necessary parts to install spoke & true wheel
WHEEL TRUE $15 Straighten wheel
WHEEL BUILD $60 Build complete wheel


Hubs Price Details
ADJUST FRONT HUB $10 Reset front hub to proper tension
ADJUST REAR HUB $15 Reset rear hub to proper tension
HUB OVERHAUL; FRONT $20 Rebuild front hub w/ cleaning & fresh grease
HUB OVERHAUL; REAR $25 Rebuild rear hub w/cleaning and fresh grease


Suspension Price Details
REAR SHOCK REBUILD $30 Rebuild rear shock w/full cleaning & new oil


Shifters, Cables, Handlebars Price Details
SHIFTER OVERHAUL $20 Clean & re-work inner gears of shifter
REPLACE CABLE $15 Replace cable, cut housing & adjust brake or derailleur
INSTALL CABLE W/ TUNE UP $10 Replace cable, cut housing & adjust brake or derailleur
REPLACE ALL CABLES $50 Replace all cables, cut housing & adjust brake or derailleur
TAPE HANDLE BARS $15 Wrap cork tape on road handlebars
INSTALL GRIPS $5 Grip installation


Fork Price Details
CUT FORK STEERER W/REMOVAL $25 Cut fork steerer with removal
CUT FORK STEERER (FORK ONLY) $10 Cut fork steerer (fork only)
INSTALL NEW FORK $40 Install new fork


Miscellaneous Price Details
BOX BIKE FOR SHIPPING $60 Disassemble bike & pack for shipping
COMPUTER INSTALL $10 Install riding computer on bike
COMPUTER INSTALL W/ CADANCE $20 Install riding computer on bike with cadance
INSTALL CHILD SEAT $20 Install child seat on bike
FRAME SWAP $160 Frame swap
INSTALL KICKSTAND $5 Install kickstand
INSTALL PEDALS $5 Install pedals
INSTALL REAR BIKE RACK $15 Install rear bike rack
INSTALL TRAINING WHEELS $10 Install training wheels