Meet Terry Mitchell, e-Boom’s head bike mechanic!

bike mechanic Terry and his daughter
Head bike mechanic Terry and his daughter.

We first met Terry when he came into the store a couple of summers ago. He had a big bike race coming up that weekend, and needed to borrow one of our specialized bike tools to make a quick adjustment on his bike. We were very impressed with Terry’s bike knowledge and experience that we were psyched when he asked us if he could work part-time at the shop. Absolutely.
Terry in a bike race

Terry’s Biking Background

Terry started racing bikes competitively at age 14. He raced BMX bikes indoors in the winters to stay in shape during the Motocross off season. He began seriously mountain biking in 2007 and then competitive road riding in 2015. Finding a new love in road riding, Terry completed his first triathlon in 2016. He then took his competition to a whole new level and completed his first Ironman in 2017, training on his bike up to 8 hours at a time.

This fall Terry found another type of bike riding competition that he’s really into these days. He loves gravel road/all road riding and has plans to race in a few long-distance gravel races in 2019.

Riding is in the family. He enjoys riding bikes with his wife, and he’s very excited that his young daughter is learning to love to ride bikes as well. Terry’s full-time job is a machine shop teacher.
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Terry stopping for a break