Selecting the best electric bike is really a personal decision and can be a different “best” for each rider. There are so many brands and types, so how do you find the best electric bike that will be comfortable and provide a perfect ride for you? e-Boom Electric Bikes will help guide you; however, once you get it narrowed down, we highly recommend that you come to our store and test ride your favorites. You truly won’t know for certain until you actually ride the bike. Don’t sweat the small things when you are looking at the bikes (like seats and handlebars). Those can easily be replaced at our store to help create your best electric bike.

These are some things you should consider when shopping for an electric bike:   (or SKIP TO THE E-BIKE SELECTIONS)

How Do You Ride?

1. How do you primarily intend to use the bike?


Your Typical Riding Distance

2. How far do you want to go per ride?
Do you need to go 10, 20, 40, 60 miles per ride? You should look at the battery power and amp hours. The larger amp hours will afford a longer ride before needing to re-charge the battery. (READ HOW TO SELECT A BATTERY)

Budget Matters in Selecting the Best Electric Bike

3. What’s your budget?
Electric bikes cost more than many of the lower-end/middle-level manual bikes. This is because not only are you buying a bicycle, you’re also purchasing a motor, battery and electrical control system. Beware of e-bikes that seem really inexpensive. Do your homework and find out where they are made, what type of battery chemistry they have and how many amp hours. Most of the cheaper e-bikes are made with cheap parts and have very small amp hours. Your ride would only last for about 6 miles and the battery will most likely need to be replaced in about 2 years.

So now that you have these basic considerations, you can start shopping around for your best electric bike. You can also shop by brand on our website if that is what you desire.

picking the best electric bike
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