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Electric Bike Gurus

Call it a passion. We love electric bikes and have been riding, selling and servicing them for several years now. We like to think of ourselves as the electric bike gurus. We're not a franchise, but a boutique business built from scratch. Therefore, we get to pick and choose which electric bikes we want to sell. And, we have selected some of the best electric bike brands around, backed by solid, dependable companies.

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Our Story - What's an eBoom?

We're avid bike riders and saw a need for a bike shop that gives more attention and support to riders over 50 (Baby Boomers) and to women. So, we started our own shop that caters to people just like us. We discovered that electric bikes added a new dynamic to bike riding and instantly fell in love with them. We liked the name Electric Baby Boomers, but it sounded like a band. So, we shortened the name to eBoom.

Many of our customers have great stories to share about why they've made the switch to electric bikes. It's just so exciting to see our generation and younger generations get back to cycling often again.

Let's Ride Forever!

Meet the eBoom Team

We're a small, family-owned shop, and what we offer to our customers is great, personal service. We'll guide you in selecting the best bike to fit your riding style. We'll help you maintain your bike at peak performance and fix it when it's broken. We all keep up on the latest electric bike technologies and will pass the info on to you throughout the time you own your bike.

Lee Ann riding a fat tire ebike

Lee Ann McKay

Co-Founder & CEO

Lee Ann runs the day-to-day business, marketing and sales operations. Lee Ann is also the techie who services and repairs the electric bikes. In the summer she rides her bike(s) to work 10 miles each way. She also leads the weekly family group rides.

Robin Coffman

Robin Coffman

Co-Founder & President

Robin is the "behind the scenes" owner. In the summer you'll see her more in the shop and on group rides. Robin has a background in manufacturing and engineering and also created our great logo.

Terry Mitchell

Terry Mitchell

Service Manager

Terry is in-charge of bike repairs and service. He also manages the sales of our new Salsa Cycles line. He is an avid rider who has completed Ironman competitions as well as mountain, road and gravel races. Terry leads the eBoom weekly gravel rides.

Wayne Mills

Wayne Mills

Top-Notch Bike Mechanic

We are so happy that Wayne found us. He is an avid bicyclist who enjoys weekly group rides and finds all types of bikes fun and interesting. He has been working on bikes for years and is on the board of directors/volunteers his mechanical skills at Conquest Cycles in Westfield. As a retired Catapillar distribution owner, Wayne finds everything mechanical fascinating. I think we have him loving electric bikes now, too.