Electric Bike Winter Storage

Brrrr, it’s winter now in Central Indiana. What about electric bike winter storage. What should you do with your electric bike when you’re not riding it? Store your bike inside, if possible, in a garage, storage shed or even somewhere in your home would be perfect. The goal is to keep it dry and secure with no moisture getting on or inside the bike. The motor can be stored in cold temperatures, but for your electric bike winter storage the battery needs special care.

an electric bike downtube battery


Electric Bike Battery Care

If you’re not using your electric bike battery, then don’t leave it fully charged at 100 percent or fully discharged at 0 percent. It’s best to keep it around 20 to 90 percent charged during winter storage. Remove the battery from your bike and keep it in a clean, warm area at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit or more. You also don’t want to store the electric bike battery in a hot or moist room like a bathroom with a shower, because that could damage the cells long term. Store it in an area where it can’t be accidentally hit or knocked onto the floor and nothing can be placed or thrown on top of it. The best electric bike battery care is to treat it like gold.

Winter might be a good time for you to bring your electric bike into our shop for some maintenance and TLC. We can check it over, tighten loose cable and brake wires, check derailleurs and troubleshoot any squeaks, creeks or other mysterious noises. It’s also a good opportunity for us to remove the battery and add dialectric grease around the ports to help repel moisture and protect electrical connections against corrosion.

Transporting Your Bike to a Warmer State?

Heading some place warm this winter season with your electric bike? Then you don’t have to worry so much about winter electric bike storage. Here are some quick tips for transporting it without damaging the bike, battery or motor.

1. If transporting it on a car rack be sure to remove the battery during transportation. Keep the battery in a safe, warm spot inside your vehicle.

2. Put dialectric grease around the battery ports and/or put covers over them to give added protection against rain, ice, snow, etc. You can buy the grease at your neighborhood hardware store.

3. Remove your LED monitor, if possible, and keep it inside the vehicle in a safe, warm spot (maybe with the battery).

4. Your car rack should have a locking system, but if it doesn’t, be sure to purchase a good u-lock to keep the bike secure while traveling and when you make pit stops along the way. We have in stock right now the Abus Ultra 410 plus loop cable, and they’re 20% off until December 22.

5. Cover your bike, if possible. Make sure it’s a tight-fitting cover, and you may want to re-enforce it with bungee cords or ropes.

Abus Ultra 410 bicycle u lock

Whether you’re sneaking in a ride during a nice winter day or wintering in a warm state, have fun riding and take good care of your bike so it will last a long time. If you have any questions about your bike, please call us at (317) 340-4156 or email leeann@eboomelectricbikes.com.

If you’re in the market for an electric bike, be sure to read how to select the best electric bike.

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  1. That’s a good idea to keep the battery somewhere warmer. I have heard that they can be damaged by the cold, so that makes sense. I’ll have to do that if I get an electric bike.

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